I was born in the village Shergood in Russia in the small republic Mari El at the distance about 750 km from Moscow (the capital of Russia) and 65 km from Ioshkar-Ola (the capital of Mari El).

My family as well as many other maris (Mari is the native people of Mari El) had deep pagan roots. In the USSR pagan rituals were not performed openly but secrets of healing were handed over from generation to generation. In my family there were 5 children and I don’t remember that my grandmother used modern medicine when we were ill.

Insted she poured some water, whispered something into this water and then cured us with this water. The results were miraculous — not worse than from modern drugs. At age 4 I herded geese who were taller than me and loved strolling alone. People called me «shem pyrsige» (black kitten in Mari) for my love to be alone.

It was long-long ago. After that was a boarding school, The Institute of Art of Vasnetcov (my specialily was artist in porcelain), work as an artist in the folk porcelain craft (Gzhel — my works are in museums and private collections), Moscow and seductions of megapolis, work in design and polygraphy. And finally ART.

In my art I put my pagan energetics (which I inherited from my ancestors) polished by the works of my favourite artists: Modiliani, Matiss, Vroubel, Zverev, Borisov-Musatov and many others. My desire is that every person who looks at my pictures got a piece of my energy.

I have a lot of energy — plenty for everyone.


Natalia Mustaeva

I am a member of International Federation of Artists & Created Artists”s Union of Russia.
Membership in aisbl ArtEspaces.